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Be sure to check out our women's website at: Our Mission:

Redeemer Women's Ministry exists to encourage women to love God wholeheartedly and to equip them to fulfill their God-given roles as women in every area and phase of life.

Our Vision:

In Redeemer Women’s Ministry, we hold a biblical understanding of womanhood in high esteem. We lead women to value their calling as women, wives, and mothers. We offer training and encouragement in these roles through Bible studies, mentoring relationships, target groups, and special events. As living examples of purity and reverence, our older women enjoy many opportunities to share with and train our younger women in their spiritual and practical lives. At every age we are single-minded in our desire to bear each other’s burdens and cheer each other on. Our love for others extends beyond the ladies of Redeemer Women’s Ministry. We make every effort to draw visitors and newcomers into the fellowship of our women’s ministry as soon as they walk through the door. We look for opportunities to support our church leadership and to honor them as they serve. We prayerfully strive to reach out to our community with the love of Christ, and our women are equipped and ready at all times to share their faith. The women who comprise Redeemer Women’s Ministry are filled with joy in the presence of Christ. His faithfulness to us Makes Ours Hearts Glad as we Make Much of Jesus!