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Online Children's Lessons

See below for online kids classes + a note from Carolyn, our interim children's ministry director, about navigating this season with your children.

Sunday Morning Resources for Children


See our virtual children's class archive on Youtube.
Pre-register children for their in-person classes HERE:




March 28, 2021

Virtual Pre-School Class (2s through Kinder) w/ Mr. Matt & Mrs. Meaghan


Elementary Class (1st-4th Grade) -- now meeting in-person -- 11am on Sundays


5th & 6th Grade Class w/ Mr. Eddie -- now meeting in-person -- 11am on Sundays!


A regathering note from Mrs. Carolyn to Parents:

Hello Redeemer families!

We are so excited to begin our fall semester at Concordia on Sunday, August 23rd! We will be starting our new curriculum “The Gospel Story” beginning in Genesis with ALL of our classes-- 2 yrs-6th grade. Lord willing, we will be in our new building by the end of the year and our RedeemerKids classroom spaces will be such a blessing and a place to call “home”.

As we transition into the fall, we will begin with ALL classes online then begin rolling into face-to-face classes. We will first offer newborn-2 yrs. on September 13th, then 3-5’s and eventually our lower and upper elementary classes. (1st-6th). Your patience is much appreciated as we navigate these next few weeks and months and adjust as needed to maintain the safety of our children. We have put together a plan to return to our face-to-face classes that can be found here:

For those families who will continue to join us online, we will be offering one online video option for our 2-5 year old RedeemerKids classes. Also, the coloring sheets and memory verse for the month will be available online below the weekly livestream video.

For those families attending live services, we will have those printouts on the welcome table along with crayons to keep your little ones busy. There will also be sermon note pages for the older ones to follow along with the sermon. I suggest they pack their own pens or pencils to take notes as we will not have any available to use.

Thank you for your patience and willingness to follow along with our classes online during this extended season of uncertainty. Our teachers are ready for the fall and we are all looking forward to having our RedeemerKids classes up and running again! Until then, I am adding some resources below containing ideas for keeping young children occupied during our live or online Sunday services.

Children are a blessing and we love making much of Jesus each week as we read through the bible and see where He is in each and every story. May we all remember to look for Him as we read His word to our childrentogether at home and at church.

Your fellow servant,

Carolyn Yohe
RedeemerKids director


Suggestions to help little ones during church service:

• A stuffed animal: Stuffed animals are great for babies and very young kids because they don’t make noise if you throw them, and they’re easy to hold.
• Crayons/Coloring books: These are classics! Just make sure the kids are keeping the crayons on the paper, not the chairs and floor!
• Magnet set: E received a Magna Carry Playbook Activity Set for his 3rd birthday, and it’s perfect for church! There are small pieces, though, so I wouldn’t recommend it for kids under 3.
• Water Wow! pads: These are reusable over and over again, and great for church! The only potential for mess is if your child unscrews the little “paintbrush” and spills the water out. For church we like the Melissa & Doug Water Wow! Bible Stories pad but there are many to choose from!
• Quiet books: Quiet books are awesome and I wish I could tell you that I’ve made some really cool ones for my boys, but the truth is that I’ve pinned a lot of great ideas on Pinterest and haven’t ever made any of them...Alternatively, you check out some of the great busy books available on Etsy by other talented individuals!
• Sensory putty: Putty can be great for keeping little hands busy (though kids who still put things in their mouths should probably not use it!). Emmett was given some Crazy Aaron’s Glow-in-the-Dark Thinking Putty by kind people who noticed he needed something to play with one week in church (I think it was about a year ago). He LOVES it! I don’t think he even remembers that it glows in the dark, because he uses it almost exclusively in church, but he just has fun squishing it around in his hands and taking it in and out of the little tin that it comes in.
• Notebook/pad: As kids get older, having blank (lined or unlined) paper will be useful if they would like to play the sermon word grid game, take notes, or even just doodle to help them focus.

Other ideas:


Printable worksheets (2-5 yr olds):

Flash cards (ABC, bible heroes)

Lacing cards (DIY shoe here):

Tracing activities:


Pipe cleaners and straws:

Make your own busy bag from the Dollar Tree: