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Resources for Personal or Family Discipleship

As this season of limited mobility continues, consider how you might best use the time. How might you connect more deeply with the Lord and with your family or those who live near you? Consider limiting your Social Media or Cable News intake during this time (or maybe anytime!)
Here are some resources you might consider using as you seek to dwell on the Lord in this season:


Looking for ideas for ways to talk with your children about the coronavirus or just ways to encourage them to grow in Jesus while they have all this free time, home from school, etc.? Check out our children’s page for encouragement from our Children’s Ministry Director, Cathy HERE (link coming)


The “Dwell” Bible App

You can try this app free for 60 days though the Redeemer link. It’s a beautiful App for listening to God’s word, with a variety of readers from all over the world — plus different background music playing behind it. Very customizable.

The Bible Project

Either through ROKU , Amazon, or AppleTV… you can watch all their incredible videos about theology or the scripture. Kids and adults alike will be encouraged and fortified in your knowledge of God’s word.

Great Books To Read

The Teaching Ministry of RC Sproul

Just this week, Ligonier Ministries has made all of RC Sproul’s Teaching available for Free here:

RightNow Media

There are tons of resources here for all ages. As part of the Redeemer Family, you can setup a free account here: Some suggested studies:

For Adults: 
For Students:
For Kids: